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Well known Paisley Scouter- Bobby Reid has gone home.

Robert Reid known as Bobby was born 25 October 1955 and grew up in Paisley. He attended Camp hill High School and was employed by Converteam who were then bought over by GE Energy Power Conversion.

Bobby was a lifelong Scout and he started his journey at the 15th Paisley (Lylesland) Scout Group where he was a young person. When trying to build a hall for the Group- Bobby was one of the first to buy a brick as part of the fundraising appeal. He was proud of his involvement with Lylesland and spoke about it regularly.

On turning 18 Bobby became an adult volunteer within Scouting and since then has been a long-standing member of Paisley & District Scouting. Bobby has an impeccable record in Scouting. One in which many leaders and network members would aspire to.

Through Bobby’s infectious attitude, fun personality and passion towards Scouting he became an Assistant Scout Leader at a young age within his local Scout Group in Gleniffer under Andy, Alistair and then David. Bobby took over the running of the troop following that. Bobby’s passion was clear to many and his success saw his Troop win many camping competitions be that at District or Area level. Bobby was able to grow the Scout Troop to record numbers due to his passion and his use of a balanced scouting programme.

Bobby had a skill for being a people’s person and this has in turn meant he has, over the years, been able to attract support for Scouting from a vast array of sources. Bobby took a leading role in starting up the Paisley & District fellowship and then the Active Support Unit. Within his time here he supported many Scout sections, residential experiences and community events.

Following this Bobby took on the role of ADC (Scouts) where he supported the growth of the Scout section across the District. Within his time he restarted the PL & APL training weekends and supporting other district activities. Bobby has a real passion for investing in young people and this was seen during his development of young leader training and investment in resilience skills.

After a short break Bobby took on the key role of ensuring adult volunteers who wanted a more flexible Scouting were able to do so. For a large number of years Bobby has ensure that adults could take part in cooking at events, running activities and so on. This investment in volunteers has been vital to our growing success.

Bobby in 2013 took on the role of District Appointment Secretary and for a number of years ensured new volunteers were supported in their journey within Scouting. His enthusiastic and supportive personality ensured that many volunteers have continued with local Scouting.

From 2015 -2017 Bobby was the Paisley & District Chair. Bobby improved governance across the District and was a key driver for change within the modern movement. Bobby has been a respected and powerful advocate for local Scouting and was a trusted adviser and friend of the past District Commissioner- which the role would not be possible without Bobby’s support and guidance.

In December 2017, the Chief Commissioner of Scotland wrote to Bobby to inform him he had been awarded the Silver Acorn- The Scout Associations second highest award for volunteers. This was to honour the massive contribution Bobby has made to Scouting over the years.

Bobby was a member of the Freemasons in Paisley where he continued his contribution to the local community and a member of the 7sinzMCC.

Bobby died on the 14th March 2018 following a battle with cancer. Bobby is succeeded by his wife Angela and two children- Graham and Ashley. Bobby lived in Stanley Avenue, Paisley with his family.

The funeral will take place on Friday 30th March at 10am, Woodside Crematorium, Paisley. All welcome.

Reflecting after his passing John Hunter, Richard Murray and Rob Murray said:

 “Bobby was a passionate and dedicated Scouter with a love for the 33rd Gleniffer Scout Group. Bobby was able to support many young people over the years and was a lively adult volunteer who was never shy of supporting others. 

Over the last 10 years Bobby has spent his time supporting other leaders, adult helpers and groups across Paisley, Barrhead and Neilston which reflected his caring, kind and trusted personality.  

As Baden Powell said in his final letter before his death.

“The real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to other people. Try and leave this world a little better than you found it and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate you have not wasted your time but have done your best “Be prepared” in this way, to live happy and to die happy-stick to your Scout Promise always.”

Bobby is a massive loss to the District and Scouting our thoughts and prayers are with the family. He has given so much to world and has brought happiness to many. Our friend might have left us however his legacy will continue within Scouting.”

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BREAKING: Ken Campbell appointed Group Scout Leader.

It is with great pleasure that Paisley & District can confirm Ken Campbell is to take on the role of Group Scout Leader with 3rd Barrhead

Ken is known to many across Scouting given his long history with the 3rd Barrhead, the old Barrhead District and the Blair Atholl Jamboree. Ken is extremely active within Scouting.

Commenting on Ken’s new role, District Commissioner, Rob Murray said: “Ken brings with him the drive and passion to ensure an active programme for 6-18year olds in Barrhead. Ken brings a wealth of experience to the role and the passion for ensuring Scouting reaches all girls and boys regardless of their background .”

“Ken has a supportive personality which will see him expand the reach of Scouting to more girls and boys whilst developing his team of adult volunteers. This makes him a huge asset to the group.

“I wish Ken all the best in growing the group and look forward to supporting his in this journey.”

After news of Ken’s appointment, he said: “Honoured to be offered the role, looking forward to continuing the great Scouting experience the 3rd Barrhead leadership team offer. Many thanks to Ross leading the Group to the success it is today

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9 Local Scouts to attend the World Scout Jamboree in 2019.

In 2019, 40 young people and adults from the South West & West Regions of Scotland will join Scouts from across the world in attending the World Scout Jamboree in North America.

The Jamboree will take place in the summer of 2019 at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia, USA and will be hosted jointly between Boy Scouts of America, Scouts Canada and the Scout Association of Mexico. The three-week experience will give young people and adults the opportunity to meet over 45,000 Scouts from across the world, develop new skills and experience an adventure of a life time.

Within the Unit of 40, Paisley & District is delighted that 9 local Scouts will join the team. As well as young people two adults from the district will be joining them. The individuals include:

Alice McGeechan, 2nd Paisley & District (Abbey)

Ally Weir (Assistant Unit Leader) , 2nd Paisley & District (Abbey)

Hollie Campbell, 3rd Barrhead

Jakub Flak, 15th Paisley & District (Lylesland)

Lucy Reddy, 21st Paisley & District (St Mirins)

Monica McFarlane, 21st Paisley & District (St Mirins)

Morvin Sudding, 3rd Barrhead

Oliver Gibson, 33rd Paisley & District (Gleniffer)

Rob Murray (Unit Leader) , 2nd Paisley & District (Abbey.

Commenting on the selection of WSJ members, Unit Leader- Rob Murray said:

“The World Scout Jamboree provides young people and adults with the opportunity to develop skills for life, make international friendships and try new adventures. This event is one of the best and biggest experiences in the Scouting calendar.

“I am delighted we have an equal split of males and females on our leadership team and very pleased that out of those young people we selected 55% are young women. This is once again highlighting the importance of Scouting being co-education as well as being open to everyone regardless of their background.

“It’s fantastic that we have so many young people attending the event from Paisley and Barrhead. This highlights the great opportunities and programmes being run locally as well as the amazing International cultural outlook we have. Once again this is highlighting why Paisley should be awarded the UK City of Culture.”

Oliver Gibson said:

“I am incredibly excited to take my place at the WSJ in 2019. It has been an event I have wanted to attend from the age of five where as a beaver when an older Scout who had attended the summer previous was placed in front of us and told about the group about how amazing his experience had been.”

Alice Meechan said:

“I am looking forward to the Word Scout Jamboree as it will allow me to learn about other cultures from all over the world. At Word Scout Jamboree I will be able to meet new people that I wouldn’t have normally met and create life long friendships . The Word Scout Jamboree will also give me the opportunity to teach younger generations about the world of scouting and its impact.”

Hollie Campbell said:

“I’m looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere of a World Scout Jamboree”

Morvin Sudding said:

“I am most looking forward to the world scout jamboree in 2019 so make new friends that I will get to know very well, to experience new cultures and try new things.”


Monica McFarlane said:

“I am extremely exited to take part in the world jamboree in 2019. I am hoping to learn about new cultures and also meet more people who enjoy similar activities to myself.”

Lucy Reddy said:

“I am extremely excited to represent not only Paisley and District but West Region and the World Scout Jamboree in North America. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I’m looking forward to meeting loads of new people from all around the world and learning about different cultures.”

Jakub Flak said:

“I was enthusiastic to know that I was going to the World Scout Jamboree in America, because I am only one year in scouting and I have already achieved this honour. I hope to make new friends and learn more scouting skills.”

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Explorer Scout Review Outcome.

On Monday night the District Commissioner met with Explorer Leaders, GSL’s and ADC’s to discuss the Explorer Review. During this meeting he presented the decision taken on the future of Explorer Scouting.

Based on the information in the review from young people and adults, the current state of play and future census projections the following decision will be taken.

Within the Paisley area we will look to introduce two new District Units:
This will mean the following units will close: 2nd, 5th, 15th, 21st and 33rd

Unit 1: Paisley South
Unit 2: Paisley North

Unit 1: Paisley South-> Feeder Troops; 15th P&D & 30th P&D, 18th P&D and 33rd P&D

Unit 2: Paisley North-> Feeder Troops; 2nd P&D, 5th P&D and 21st P&D

Due to financial reasons outlined in the proposals the District unfortunately cannot include 7th P&D in the process. Had the financial issues not been there they would form part of Paisley North. That being said the 7th P&D will be subject to the standards set out below and this decision will be review following the end of the financial agreement.

Within the Barrhead & Neilston area we will look to:
Continue for the next 18months with the current structure. This is however going to be based on a number of standards, see below. This will be reviewed at 6monthal intervals by the DESC (or DC in absence of DESC). One key element will be ensuring an appropriate link between Neilston Scouts and Barrhead Units (see point 1). If by the end of 18months Scouting is meeting the quality balanced programme indicators below, links between Neilston Troop and Barrhead Units are improved and there are enough leaders then we things will continue. If not then we will look to have 1 unit for Barrhead and Neilston.

Standards for all Explorer Units: Delivering a Quality Programme which is Challenging, Relevant and Rewarding for every young person:

  • 2 events annually where Explorers and adults visit Scout Troops for running a moving up programme and then Scouts to visit their chosen unit.
  • Greater retention of Scouts to Explorers for all Troops / Units.
  • Attendance of all ESLs & AESLs to a refresher workshop on the Explorer Programme and the structure behind it.
  • 40-60% of Explorers gaining at least their D of E Silver or Chief Scout Diamond
  • 9 or more activities to take place outside the hall per year
  • Take part in 3 or more National, Regional or District Events per year
  • Termly Unit Planning Forums with feedback from young people and programme ideas from leaders
  • 3 or more engagement evens with local community per year
  • 5 or more nights away opportunities to attend each year
  • Programme is always well planned and run appropriately

Please note that these standards are based on UK Scouting’s quality balanced programme. The new units will open in January 2018.

A half way review will take place in August 2018 with a final review of progress 18months following start date- April 2019.

We appreciate that some people will be disappointed with the decision however we believe this is in the best interests of Explorer Scouting for the long term.

To be clear the reasoning behind this decision is:

  1. To ensure we have sufficient leaders in all Units.
  2. To ensure we have sufficient young people turning up weekly in all units.
  3. To ensure young people across the district have access to a quality balanced programme.

Given a decision has been taken we will be working across the District to ensure this is successful and meetings have a already been planned with GSLs to start the process of setting up the two new units.

We all want young people to remain in Explorer Scouting and to gain a life changing experience, it’s important we come together and make a success of things.

The video above will be appearing on social media tonight.

Given there will be new units we have a number of positions opening up:

District Explorer Scout Administrator – Click here 

Explorer Scout Leader *2 – Click here

Assistant Explorer Scout Leader (multiple) – Click here

All roles will close on the 6th November 2017.

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VACANCY: Could you lead the 3rd Barrhead Scout Group?

The 3rd Scout Group are looking for someone to take on the role of Group Scout Leader. They are a very active group who provide skills for life and adventurous activities to girls and boys aged 6-18 years. Ross Dunbar has been Group Scout Leader for the last number of years and has ensured the group has grown in strength year in year out. The District is grateful for everything Ross has done for the group and indeed look forward to him playing a continued role on the District Executive. 

The role of GSL is an important one within Scouting. You are the line-manager for sectional leaders within the group and responsible for the future planning and development. We are looking for someone who has a vision for the group, is able to grow the group, can work with parents, leaders, young people and the District team. There is a responsibility to work with the Group Executive to ensure the group is following and adhering to charity governance. 

The role is line managed by the District Commissioner. The GSL is a role with vision and responsibility. Having a GSL who will ensure promotion and attendance at District events is also important.

To apply for the role please click here to fill out the application form by the 6 October 2017. Click here for gsl-role-description. 

To have an informal chat about the role please contact District Commissioner, Rob Murray, 07703732233

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BREAKING: Eilidh Mather appointed ADC (Youth Involvement)

It is with great pleasure that Paisley & District can confirm Eilidh Mather is to be their first Assistant District Commissioner for Youth Involvement.

Eilidh is known to many across Scouting in Scotland given her roles in her home town, within the 33rd P&D (Gleniffer), PDSN and by sitting on various Scout Scotland working groups. Eilidh has a strong passion for ensuring young people are at the forefront of decision making and will bring this passion to supporting Beavers through to Network members within Paisley & District. Eilidh has an energetic and supportive personality that will help her developing youth involvement across the District.

Commenting on Eilidh’s new role, District Youth Commissioner, Fraser Robertson said: “ I’m absolutely delighted that Eilidh has been appointed as the first ADC (Youth Involvement) for Paisley & District.

Eilidh brings a wealth of experience to the role from her time working with SHQ, and already has some fantastic ideas for the future of Youth Shaped Scouting within the district.

I’m really looking forward to working together with her and Rob to further develop Youth Involvement within the district.

After news of Eilidh’s appointment, she said: “I’m excited to work across all sections assisting young people with shaping their scouting adventure. I am passionate about ensuring young people, regardless of their age, have the opportunity to have their say in Scouting.

“Fraser and the Youth Advisory Group have started to made real progress in developing the District Youth Involvement Strategy and I am looking forward to supporting them in the coming weeks.”

Eilidh can be contacted on ‘’

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Paisley Scouter has “Gone Home”.

Bobby Faulds  passed away peacefully at Erskine Hospital on Monday.
Bobby was heavily involved in Paisley Scouting and was a key player within the District. Bobby was presented the Award of Gallantry for rescuing  a young girl from drowning.
District Commissioner, Rob Murray, said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Bobby’s friends and family
Bobby, over the years has given an enormous amount to Scouting and to the wider community. Scouting is thankful for his contribution to ensuring young people were able to get adventure. 
Bobby helped Scouting celebrate 100years in 2007 and he was passionate about ensuring Scouting continued for the next 100years. Bobby was presented an Award of Gallantry for rescuing a young woman, again highlighting the very best Scouting has to offer. 
As our Founder said… “Try to leave this world a little better than you found it”. Bobby’s family and friends can be proud to know that he did just that.”
There will be a service a Oak Shaw Trinity Church on Thursday 24 August at 11:45am. We would welcome a large Scout presence.
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District Swimming Gala 2017

13731722_1058299417593330_8350245061099492612_nThis year Paisley & District Scouts are pleased to announce our swimming Gala will be held at the On-X Linwood on 8th October 2017

The first race will start at 5:15pm with the presentations taking place around 7:15pm. Doors are open from 5pm to get ready so we can start bang on 5:15pm. This year we will have a sponsored prizes for the top awards.

Races will be available for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts & Network members.

Please ensure the permission form is returned to Section Leaders by 25 September 2017. This can be downloaded  by click here -> Swimming Gala 2017

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Scouts return home after 13days of adventure.

14days ago 70 Scouts and volunteers returned from an adventure of a life time to Poland.

After a yearlong training programme the teenage men and women spent 13days having fun, making friends, trying out new activities and building resilience. The programme included a trip to the Solidarity centre in Gdansk, a historic walk about the beautiful town of Gdansk, a visit to the Nato command centre in Bydgoszcz 8days of intercultural activities with Polish Scouts at Pólko, a trip to the famous Salt mine in Krakow, a morning of hearing about the horrors of the Second World War at Auschwitz, a visit to the largest water park and much more.

During the stay in Poland, Scouts from Paisley & Barrhead shared history and culture. The programme was designed with young people taking the lead.

Polish Scouts were treated to a ceilidh, traditional cooking and stories about Scottish history. Scouts spoke our local culture thanks to the support of the Paisley2021 team, as well as sharing experiences of British Scouting. During this fast paced exchange we were delighted to be able to keep the young people hydrated through sponsored Scottish Water bottles.

Commenting on the expedition, District Commissioner, Rob Murray said:

“Our adventure to Poland provided the Scouts and Leaders with the opportunity to grow as individuals, to make new friends and to learn more about the world we live in.

“Poland is a wonderful country with fantastic experiences be that; the people, it’s culture, cuisine and landmarks.

“Leaving for Poland we had a team of 70 people, returning from Poland we had a Scouting family of 140 with young people who grew in confidence and built resilience.”

Commander of Scout Troop Zawiszanie, Agnieszka Olejniczak, said:
“This was an excellent opportunity for Scouts from Scotland and from Poland to join together at our camp in Pólko near Bydgoszcz. 
“Scouts set up tents in a quiet forest on the river under the flags of the United Kingdom and Poland. After this we started a dozen or so days of joy, energy and friendship. Scouting is all about friendship, service, self-development and patrol duties. 
“We will never forget this joint camp, as we didn’t the one 12 years ago. See you next year.”

More pictures can be viewed here

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Paisley & District Scouts visit Auschwitz.

Around 70 Scottish Scouts and 2 Polish Scouts spent the morning at the historic site of Auschwitz- Birkenau.

With the thanks of three English speaking guides young people and adults spent four hours walking around the site, listening to the history behind the concentration camp and hearing the stories of those who were sent to the camp.

During a visit to the Auschwtiz-Birkenau Memorial site the delegation lit candles next to twenty three stones which translates to:
“For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, woman and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe.”

Commenting on the visit District Commissioner, Rob Murray, said:
“This was a very emotional day for our young people and adults as they saw and heard about the brutal techniques used by Nazi Germany during the War.

“As Scouts we promote and standby values of integrity, respect, care, belief and cooperation. With the tragic events happening across the world we must remember our history. As a worldwide family of Scouts we must continue to promote our values to ensure we have a more peaceful world to grow up in.”

Explorer Scout, Monica McFarlane aged 15years said:
“The trip let us experience something that we would never thought we would have. I couldn’t have imagined what it would be like.

“Spending time at Auschwitz, hit the whole group on a slightly different level but I think it has changed people’s outlook on the whole trip. This put a lot of things into perspective.

“Although we all found if difficult I feel it was a worthwhile experience that we will look back on for a long time.”

More pictures can be gained by clicking here.