Auchengillan SubZero 2015Nights away or residential events, whether camping, hostelling, sleepovers or bivouacs, form an integral part of scouting, and are something that every young person should have the opportunity to take part in.

The nights away permit scheme is an internal assessment scheme designed to ensure that all those leading nights away events for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.

Nights Away Notification forms

This online form provides the information the District Commissioner requires to approve an event to take place (i.e. POR 9.1b/9.1c). When you submit the form, it is automatically sent in.  This form should be submitted at least seven days before the event in normal circumstances. To submit a Nights Away Notification Form please click here

The permit scheme

You can find full details of the nights away permit scheme in the factsheets below. These include factsheets for specific roles such as commissioner and applicant.

The Paisley & District Nights Away Advisor is Alan Robertson and you can contact him by emailing